Mawa Kheer Recipe

With the arrival of holidays and special occasions, every other day is an excuse to make something sweet and tempting. Among the many Indian sweets, kheer is one of the most popular desserts to serve your loved ones  and is a great dessert recipe to try and relish with your loved ones this Ramadan.

This North Indian version of sweet pudding, made with milk and a handful of pantry ingredients, is simply delicious and comforting. There are several types of kheer in Indian cuisine relished during festivities and family occasions. One such type is mawa kheer, also known as khoya kheer.

Khoya kheer is a delectable combination of milk, sugar, and a plethora of dry fruits and nuts like almonds, makhana(foxnuts), cashews, pistachios, and raisins, but it typically takes ages to prepare. This easy and quick mawa kheer recipe is your saviour when you're short on time and need to whip up something delicious for the taste buds. All you need is condensed milk and a few simple ingredients to get the same great taste in a matter of minutes. Here’s how you can make this easy khoya kheer dessert at home with Nestlé MILKMAID.

  • Servings - 4
  • Preparation - 15 Min
  • Cooking - 15 Min

Ingredients for Mawa Kheer

  • 1 Nestlé MILKMAID Mini
  • 2 tbsp Nestlé Everyday Ghee
  • 3 cups (450ml) Nestlé a+ Toned Milk
  • Few Strands Kesar (Saffron)
  • 50 gms Makhana
  • 10 gms Chironji
  • 50 gms Kishmish (Raisins)
  • 50 gms Chopped Kaju (Cashew Nuts)
  • 25 gms Chopped Badam (Almonds)
  • 1 tsp Elaichi (Cardamom) Powder

How to make Mawa Kheer

  • Step 1: In a bowl, mix Nestlé MILKMAID, milk, saffron and keep aside.
  • Step 2: In a pan, heat ½ tbsp ghee, fry the makhana for a minute and remove from pan. Cool and crush them. Heat the remaining ghee and fry all the dry fruits until golden brown.
  • Step 3: Add the crushed makhana, fried dry fruits to the Milkmaid - milk mixture (made in step 1) and boil this mixture. Simmer until it is thick and creamy. Add the elaichi powder, mix well and remove from flame.
  • Step 4: Serve hot or cold.

Tips to Make Mawa Kheer

  • Make sure to roast makhana with ghee until it turns crispy and aromatic. It gives the kheer a rich and nutty flavour that makes it absolutely delicious.
  • Use full-fat or whole milk while making mawa kheer for a creamy and rich texture. You can also use homogenised or low-fat milk for a relatively thin consistency. 
  • Stir your kheer mixture occasionally to avoid the milk from sticking to the pan’s bottom and browning. Also, keep a low to medium-low flame to prevent the kheer from burning.

FAQs on Mawa Kheer

1. Which dry fruits and nuts to add to mawa kheer?

Mawa kheer is typically made of almonds, pistachios, cashews, chironji seeds, and raisins, along with a few strands of saffron and cardamom powder. But you can substitute any of your favourite nuts and dry fruits.

2. Why did the makhana in my kheer become lumpy?

Makhana becomes lumpy if they are overcooked or if the milk is reduced too much or is less. To correct this, add more milk to the kheer, cook the mixture on a low flame, and stir continuously to break any lumps with a wired whisk or spatula.

3. How to prevent the milk from burning or sticking to the pan?

For desserts like khoya kheer, it is best to use a heavy bottom pan. Additionally, while the milk is simmering, continuously stir the kheer mixture over a low flame to prevent the milk from sticking and burning to the bottom.

4. Why did my kheer not thicken?

If your khoya kheer is too thin, you didn't cook it for long enough. Don't worry. Add your kheer mixture to the pan again, and cook on low flame until it thickens. You can also add more condensed milk to your kheer to thicken it further.

5. How long can I keep kheer in the fridge?

Khoya kheer keeps well in the fridge for two to three days. Make sure the kheer is completely cool before putting it in the fridge.

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