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Best Nutty Recipes

Go nuts over these Nutty Desserts

We’ve all been told by our mothers, at least once in our lives, “nuts are good for your brain”. Fulfill the needs of your brain and your heart with a sweet twist on nuts. Try these Milkmaid Nutty Desserts that both you and your mom are bound to go nuts over.
Enjoy the nutty goodness of these desserts with Milkmaid.

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Apple & Nuts Delight

Tease your taste buds with this Cinnamon flavoured baked nutty goodness and present the perfect dessert for your friends and family.

SEE Apple & Nuts Delight RECIPE!

Basbousa with Almonds

Make this Middle-Eastern treat and enjoy the nuttiness of almonds with the richness of c cake in the same bite.

SEE Basbousa with Almonds RECIPE!

Nutty Log

This easy-to-make nutty treat is a children’s favourite that can be made within a few easy steps.


Ada Pradhaman

This simple rice pudding from the cuisine of Kerala is perfect for any celebration. It is a crowd favorite which is extremely easy to make.

SEE Ada Pradhaman RECIPE!
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