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Ada Pradhaman Recipe

There are several pradhaman (kheer) recipes in the rich cuisine of Kerala, but this one sure is the queen of them all. Made from Nestlé Everyday Shahi Ghee, flakes of cooked rice, milk, and sugar, it typically takes ages to prepare! However, this simple, convenient recipe will ensure that you enjoy the same great taste in a matter of minutes.

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  • 1/2 tinNestlé MILKMAID
  • 2 tbsp Nestlé Everyday Shahi Ghee
  • 3 cupsNestlé a+ Toned Milk
  • 1/2 cupAda
  • 4 cupsWater
  • 3 tbspRaisins
  • 3 tbspChopped Cashew nuts

How to make Ada Pradhaman

  • Step 1: Put ada in 2 to 3 cups of boiling water. After removing from flame, keep it covered for 15 minutes. Drain the water completely. Heat ghee in a frying pan and fry the ada to a light pink colour.
  • Step 2: Boil milk and 1 cup water in a thick bottom pan, add the cooked ada and reduce heat to low while stirring gently. Keep stirring and cook for 15 minutes.
  • Step 3: Add the Nestlé MILKMAID and stir well. Cook for another 5 minutes.
  • Step 4: Remove from flame and serve garnished with raisins and cashew nuts.
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