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Tasty Kesar Shrikhand Recipe

Kesar Shrikhand Recipe

Indulge in the creamy goodness of Kesar Shrikhand, a popular Indian dessert enjoyed throughout the year. Especially during the summer months, it is a relished dessert since it is also served chilled.
In many Indian households, it is also served during festivals such as Janmashtami, Diwali, and Holi, or after a meal, particularly in Gujarati and Maharashtrian cuisine.
This delicious and refreshing dessert is made from strained yoghurt, sugar, and saffron and has a sweet and tangy taste with a subtle aroma of saffron. The saffron adds a unique flavour and a golden hue to the dessert.
The texture of Kesar Shrikhand is smooth and creamy, similar to that of Greek yoghurt or sour cream. It is commonly served chilled and garnished with sliced almonds or pistachios.
Overall, Kesar Shrikhand is a versatile dessert that can be enjoyed either on its own or as a topping for other desserts at any time of the year.
With Nestlé MILKMAID and our easy Kesar Shrikhand recipe, you can make the dessert at home in no time. You can also personalise this dessert by adding your favourite dry fruits. For instance, you can add pistachios and turn this Kesar Shrikhand into a Kesar Pista Shrikhand.

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  • 1Nestlé MILKMAID Mini
  • 500 gmsNestlé a+ Nourish Dahi
  • 10-15Kesar strands (Saffron)
  • 1/2 tspElaichi (Cardamom) Powder
  • 2-3 tbspFinely Chopped Mixed Dried Fruits (optional)

How to make Kesar Shrikhand

  • Step 1: Put dahi in a muslin cloth and hang for 60 minutes or keep in a strainer with fine mesh. Press to make sure that excess water is removed. Pass the hung dahi through strainer to get smooth thick dahi without lumps.
  • Step 2: Soak the saffron strands in 1 tbsp water. In a bowl mix dahi, Nestlé MILKMAID, soaked saffron strands, and cardamom powder.
  • Step 3: Place in refrigerator for an hour before serving. Serve decorated with nuts.

Tips to make Kesar Shrikhand

  • It is important to use fresh and thick yoghurt to make delicious Kesar Shrikhand.
  • The yoghurt needs to be strained to remove excess water. If using Nestlé a+ Nourish Dahi, straining it for 30 minutes would give you the required smooth and creamy texture.
  • Use good quality saffron strands and soak them in 1 tbsp water.
  • Kesar Shrikhand tastes best when served chilled. Refrigerate the Shrikhand for at least 30 minutes before serving
  • Garnish it with sliced almonds, pistachios, and saffron strands for added texture and flavour.

FAQs on Kesar Shrikhand

1. For how long can I store Kesar Shrikhand in the refrigerator?

Kesar Shrikhand can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.

2. Can I use milk instead of water to soak the saffron strands?

Yes, you can use milk instead of water to soak the saffron strands. It adds a richer flavour to Shrikhand.

3. Can I use powdered saffron instead of saffron strands?

Yes, you can use powdered saffron instead of saffron strands. However, saffron strands are preferred as they add a better flavour and aroma to Shrikhand.

4. Can I make Kesar Shrikhand without straining the yoghurt?

Straining the yoghurt is an important step in the Kesar Shrikhand recipe, as it helps you remove excess water and get a smooth and creamy texture. However, you can skip this step if you prefer a thinner consistency.

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