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Best Dessert Recipes

Tempting Desserts that are a must try!

What gets you craving something sweet? A rough day at work? A day of celebration? Or just plain temptation to try something sweet? Whatever the reason, sweet  cravings are tough to fight. But, what if we tell you there’s a way you can indulge your cravings guilt-free? With our 8 heavenly dessert recipes you can satisfy your sweet tooth and enjoy every bite without the guilt kicking in.

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Litchi Pudding

Relish a heavenly Litchi Pudding with this simple recipe.

SEE Litchi Pudding RECIPE!

Lemon Cheese Cake

Enjoy a blast of flavours with this tangy and delightful Lime Pie recipe.

SEE Lemon Cheese Cake RECIPE!

Mango Cheesecake

Try this amazingly delicious Mango Cheesecake recipe that is bound to pamper your taste buds.

SEE Mango Cheesecake RECIPE!

Pineapple Soufflé

Bite into this soulful and creamy Pineapple Soufflé with a recipe that can be made in no time.

SEE Pineapple Soufflé RECIPE!


Whip-up delicious truffles in a heartbeat with this simple recipe using Nestle Milkmaid.

SEE Truffles RECIPE!
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