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Milkmaid Mini

Milkmaid Mini Recipes

Introducing Nestlé MILKMAID Mini, a smaller, more convenient pack of your beloved creamy MILKMAID. At 210g, it's perfect for whipping up delicious desserts hassle-free. Our innovative easy-pour design ensures seamless pouring every time. MILKMAID Mini, the rich and creamy sweetened condensed milk, is your ultimate dessert partner, helping you make a variety of mouth-watering sweets at home. Whether it's indulgent payasam, velvety ice creams, decadent cakes, or a delightful pour over toast, fruits, and in shakes, MILKMAID Mini has you covered.
But that's not all – MILKMAID Mini comes equipped with a convenient resealable cap, allowing you to make creamy desserts, and then seal it up for later use. With this versatile sweetened condensed milk, there are endless possibilities for both traditional Indian and Western desserts. Choose your indulgence and let MILKMAID Mini help you make sumptuous sweet dishes and desserts.
A few of the many delicious recipes that you can quickly make with MILKMAID Mini are, Mango Ice Cream, Summer Fruit Delight, Chocolate Ice Cream, Mango Kulfi and more. 
Get ready to explore the endless joy of dessert-making with MILKMAID Mini by your side.

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