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How to Make Mango Kulfi

Mango Kulfi Recipe

This summer, refresh yourself with the ultimate seasonal delight: Mango Kulfi. This vibrant frozen treat captures the essence of the season with its rich, creamy texture and bursts of mango flavour.

Our easy Mango Kulfi recipe combines the luscious "king of fruits" with corn flour, milk, and velvety Nestlé MILKMAID, offering a delightful escape from the summer heat. It's more than just a dessert - it's a refreshing bite that soothes your taste buds!


The secret to our Mango Kulfi recipe is the perfect balance of flavours and textures. The natural sweetness of ripe mangoes combines perfectly with the creamy goodness of Nestlé MILKMAID, creating a dessert that's both luxurious and light.

Forget the hours of simmering - our Mango Kulfi recipe is very easy. In just a few simple steps, you can turn ripe mangoes into a vibrant orange mixture, bursting with seasonal flavours. The mixture is then poured into moulds and frozen, creating a showstopping treat that will wow your loved ones.

Each bite is a cool escape, where the pops of juicy mango mingle with the rich Nestlé MILKMAID, which adds its signature smooth creaminess and offers a delightful textural contrast. It's a vibrant addition to any table, guaranteed to be a summer favourite for the whole family or a decadent finale to a festive meal.

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  • 1Nestlé MILKMAID Mini
  • 1 litreNestlé a+ Toned Milk
  • 1 tbspCorn Flour
  • 500 gmsMango Puree

How to make Mango Kulfi

  • Step 1: In a pan, mix Nestlé MILKMAID and milk. Bring to boil stirring continuously. Now, reduce the flame and cook for 10-15 minutes stirring from time to time.
  • Step 2: Make a corn flour paste by dissolving corn flour in 2 tbsp milk and add to the above mixture. Continue to cook for 3-4 minutes until the mixture thickens. Remove from the flame and let it cool.
  • Step 3: Once cool, add the mango puree and mix well. Pour this mixture into kulfi moulds and freeze for 3-4 hours until set. Remove from the moulds, cut into pieces and serve.

Tips to Make Mango Kulfi

  • You can also go on to add or sprinkle dry fruits on top of your homemade Mango Kulfi for that crunchy effect.
  • Make sure you don’t over-boil the ingredients. It might give you a different taste altogether.
  • Select ripe mangoes with a sweet and aromatic fragrance. The quality of the mangoes will greatly impact the taste of your kulfi.
  • Ensure that the mangoes are blended thoroughly to achieve a smooth puree. This will give your Mango kulfi a consistent texture without any fibrous bits.
  • The Mango Kulfi needs several hours to freeze completely. Ideally, leave it in the freezer for at least 360 minutes to ensure firm consistency.


1. How do you remove the Mango Kulfi with condensed milk from the moulds without breaking it?

Dip the moulds in a bowl of warm water to loosen the Mango Kulfi enough to remove them from the moulds.

2. How can crystallization be avoided?

To prevent the Mango Kulfi from crystallizing, leave it at room temperature for 1-2 hours to allow the mixture to cool. This will prevent ice crystals from forming in your kulfi, which may otherwise ruin the texture.

3. Why isn’t my Mango Kulfi freezing?

The first thing to look at is the Mango Kulfi recipe. Adding an unequal amount of ingredients may cause the freezing point of the mixture to drop. Furthermore, excessive usage of any of these ingredients can prevent the kulfi from freezing properly.

4. Can I use canned mango pulp instead of fresh mangoes in the above Mango Kulfi recipe?

Yes, you can use canned mango pulp as a convenient alternative to fresh mangoes in the above Mango Kulfi recipe. Make sure to use a good-quality mango pulp without any added sugar for the best results.

5. How long can I store Mango Kulfi in the freezer?

Mango Kulfi can be stored in the freezer for up to 2 weeks. Make sure to cover the container tightly with plastic wrap or a lid to prevent freezer burn.

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