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Terms of Use

Welcome to our Website! We hope that you will enjoy your online experience. Nestlé India Limited (“Nestlé”) is committed to maintaining trust with users of our Website. The terms below govern your use of the Website.


Please feel free to explore our Website and, where available, contribute material to it, such as questions, posts and multimedia content (e.g. pictures, videos).

However, use of the Website and materials posted to it should not be illegal or offensive in any way. You should be mindful not to:

  • Breach another person’s right to privacy;
  • Infringe any intellectual property rights;
  • Make statements that are defamatory (including towards Nestlé), relate to pornography, are of a racist or xenophobic nature, promote hatred or incite to violence or disorder;
  • Upload files that contain viruses or may lead to security issues; or
  • Otherwise jeopardize the integrity of the Website.

Please note that Nestlé may remove any content from the Website that it believes maybe illegal or offensive.


Our Privacy Notice applies to any personal data or material shared on this Website. Find out more here.

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