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Simple recipes when pantry is running low

Simple recipes when pantry is running low

All of us reach a point in time where our pantries are running low but our cravings are on an all-time high. And weirdly so, this is when we let our sweet tooth get the better of us. For all the times when you choose to give in, we’ve got your back. Pick from this set of simple five ingredient dessert recipes and fulfill your cravings in a few easy steps.
Relish these recipes and fulfill your hunger with the help of Nestlé MILKMAID.

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Some Paneer and little bit of Nestlé MILKMAID is all you need to turn your bitter day into a sweet one.

SEE Kalakand RECIPE!

Coconut Ladoo

Enjoy a healthy take on this traditional Indian sweet and prepare it under 10 minutes to satisfy all your hunger needs.

SEE Coconut Ladoo RECIPE!

Banana Date & Nut Smoothie

Relish this simple drink and make it using only five ingredients. Savor your tall glass of smoothie with minutes of preparation.

SEE Banana Date & Nut Smoothie RECIPE!

Chocolate Walnut Spread

Make your very own Chocolate walnut spread with just five ingredients and enjoy it with biscuits, bread or any other condiment of choice.

SEE Chocolate Walnut Spread RECIPE!

Malai Ladoo

A family favorite is now achievable at home within Minutes. Make your very own Malai Ladoo with few ingredients and enjoy it with your loved ones.

SEE Malai Ladoo RECIPE!
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