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Kalakand Recipe

Have some paneer lying in your fridge? Give this main course ingredient a sweet twist with this simple recipe. A can of MILKMAID will instantly turn it into a beautiful ivory-colored kalakand, a mithai that you won't be able to have enough of. If you are wondering what to add as a dessert to your Holi party, the Kalakand recipe would be your best choice. The flavours of this dessert will surely make your party more delightful.

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  • 1 tin Nestlé MILKMAID
  • 2, heaped tbspNestlé Everyday Dairy Whitener
  • 500 gmsPaneer
  • 3-4, powderedElaichi
  • 1Silver leaf

How to make Kalakand

  • Step 1 Mash paneer coarsely and mix in Everyday Dairy Whitener and Nestlé MILKMAID.
  • Step 2 Heat the mixture in a thick bottom pan. Cook on medium heat with constant stirring till the mixture becomes thick and starts leaving the sides of the pan.
  • Step 3 Remove from the fire and spread onto a greased plate. Sprinkle elaichi powder.
  • Step 4 Top with silver leaf.
  • Step 5 Cool and cut into squares.

Note: Good soft Kalakand has some liquid separating from it when it is spread on the plate. This gets soaked up as it cools.

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