Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe

Gajar ka Halwa - the mere name invokes a gamut of memories. Every Diwali, family get-togethers, or late-night hunger pangs wouldn't have been complete without a Gajar ka Halwa. The warm, hearty Gajar ka Halwa is a perfect way to welcome the winters, too. It is no surprise then that this dessert, fit for the royals, has always been a star of every event. The oozy-gooey goodness of the carrot dessert commences by cooking the carrots in pure ghee (clarified Indian butter) and then drenching it in condensed milk. While every home has a special Gajar Halwa recipe, Milkmaid brings you a unique, soul-satisfying and simple Gajar ka Halwa recipe that will help you create some lasting memories. All you have to do is learn how to make Gajar Halwa at home with this recipe. While cooking, add an extra dollop of pure ghee to enhance its flavour. You can also serve this dessert with a garnish of almond flakes, and roasted and crushed pistachios.

  • Servings - 10
  • Preparation - 20 min
  • Cooking - 45 min


  • 1/2 tin (200g)
    NESTLÉ MILKMAID Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 2 tbsp
    MILKMAID Pure Ghee
  • 1 litre
  • 25g
    Kaju (Cashewnuts) Chopped
  • 25 g
    Kishmish (Raisins)

  • Mix carrots and milk in a pan, bring to a boil. Cook on low flame, stirring occasionally, till milk dries up.
  • Add NESTLÉ MILKMAID Sweetened Condensed Milk and continue cooking on low flame, stirring occasionally, till it dries up.
  • Add the ghee and cook for another 10 minutes. Garnish your's gajar ka halwa with nuts and raisins and serve hot.

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