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Best Indian Recipes

Give your Indian Mithai a chocolate twist

Chocolate qualifies as the all-time favourite for everyone alike. Whether, it is an adult or a child, no one refuses chocolate. Prepare to get pleasantly surprised at these Milkmaid recipes using chocolate in the most unexpected ways.
Let the chocolate-lover in you go crazy with these easy Milkmaid recipes.

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Chocolate Modak

This chocolaty twist on the classic Modak is bound to become a family favourite.

SEE Chocolate Modak RECIPE!

Chocolate Gujiya

Add some cocoa to your traditional Gujiya and make it even more delicious.

SEE Chocolate Gujiya RECIPE!

Chocolate Barfi

Make your barfi even more irresistible by adding chocolate to it. Follow this Milkmaid recipe to know how.

SEE Chocolate Barfi RECIPE!
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