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This New Year, try your favourite desserts and create sweet stories

This New Year, try your favourite desserts and create sweet stories

Every new year comes with loads of celebrations, countless new year resolutions and most importantly - New Year desserts. While your tastebuds demand more, we satiate your heart with an endless supply of New Year sweets this festive season. With Nestlé MILKMAID, now is the time to unwind and celebrate the beginning of new hopes! We are here to give you all the reasons to start this year on a sweet note with New Year desserts and embrace the warmth and excitement of the festive day.

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Chocolate Cake

New Year celebrations are incomplete without a slice of moist and fluffy chocolate cake. The rich, sumptuous and comforting flavours of a mouthwatering chocolate cake can be found in our easy chocolate cake recipe.

SEE Chocolate Cake RECIPE!

Black Forest Cake

A black forest cake is one of the most popular and celebrated cakes. While we have many New Year dessert options to pick from, an easy black forest cake recipe can never go out of style. This year, celebrate New Year with some love, desserts and Nestlé MILKMAID.

SEE Black Forest Cake RECIPE!


What’s better than celebrating New Year with the smell of freshly baked brownies! This festive season, treat your friends and family with the best brownies ever and top it up a generous scoop of vanilla ice-cream for a heavenly experience.

SEE Brownies RECIPE!

Eggless Cupcakes

Baking cupcakes and having one with the frosting is one of the best things one can do with family and friends during festivities. What if we tell you that we’ve made the baking easier for you? Just whip up this quick recipe and club it with a cup of hot coffee for a heartwarming chilly day.

SEE Eggless Cupcakes RECIPE!

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Moist, melt in your mouth and yumm! - that’s how we like to describe our Red velvet cupcakes. Club these with a mug of hot chocolate and beat the winter blues with a sweet and satisfying delight this festive season.

SEE Red Velvet Cupcakes RECIPE!

Carrot Cake

Celebrations must never stop! So how about surprising your kids with an irresistible carrot cake for New Year’s celebration? This carrot cake recipe is sure to bring the kids running inside as soon as it is out of the oven. This 3-step dessert melts every family member's heart and leaves them licking their spoons.

SEE Carrot Cake RECIPE!

Banana Date and Nut Smoothie

Looking for something that serves as a dessert as well as drink? Pair your cookies with a nutritious smoothie that will get you through the festive season with its bold and refreshing flavour.

SEE Banana Date and Nut Smoothie RECIPE!

Baked Yoghurt with Fresh Mango Recipe

New Year should be a fresh start - just like our fresh mango yoghurt. And yes, it is baked! Kickstart your new year with the freshness of mangoes and let the softness of baked yoghurt soften your heart and soul.

SEE Baked Yoghurt with Fresh Mango Recipe!

Gajar Ka Halwa

One cannot announce the arrival of New Year without making the season's first gajar ka halwa. Grated carrots in a loving embrace with Nestlé MILKMAID, assorted nuts and ghee is the most comforting sign of a long-awaited winter. Simply whip up this easy recipe and enjoy the sweetness that a New Year dessert brings!

SEE Gajar Ka Halwa RECIPE!

Gulab Jamun

New Year is that time of the year when we fill our hearts with happiness and mouth with soft and juicy Gulab Jamun. Make this India's New Year sweet in the comfort of your home with our easy and quick recipe that is sure to impress everyone. Relish the delightful aroma and melt-in-the-mouth taste of this most loved festive dessert with family and friends. Make this tastier with a touch of Nestlé MILKMAID.

SEE Gulab Jamun RECIPE!

Moong Dal Halwa

As the chilly winters and the New Year make their way through our doors, the craving of a sweet, rich and warm Moong Dal Halwa is too hard to resist! A bowl of Moong Dal Halwa is undoubtedly a warm hug that you need on a New Year's Eve! This Moong Dal Halwa recipe is sure to taste so good that everyone will ask for more.

SEE Moong Dal Halwa RECIPE!


Desserts are the most famous exports from Kolkata. Sandesh in particular, is the queen of all Bengali Sweets and a perfect New Year dessert recipe. Impress the toughest of guests and sweeten your New Year celebrations with this easy recipe for authentic Sandesh.


Kaju Katli

Every celebration seems incomplete without the most popular sweet, Kaju Katli! Enjoy this sweet and soft mithai at the comfort of your home! By just using minimal ingredients, this recipe is not just easy to make but is sure to win hearts.

SEE Kaju Katli RECIPE!

Anjeer Halwa

This decadent, dense and sweet halwa is the perfect fit for a royal New Year celebration. Add this easy dessert recipe to your New Year celebrations and see them coming back for more! Made from dried figs, Nestlé MILKMAID and Everyday Shahi Ghee, its lovely grainy texture is highly appetizing and perfect for the occasion.

SEE Anjeer Halwa RECIPE!

Apple Crumble Recipe

This humble crumble is the ultimate quick and comforting New Year dessert. Try this recipe out if you have a pile of apples lying around. If this is your first bake, we promise you’ll be patting your own back. Serve with a dollop of whipped cream or ice-cream for a sensational experience.

SEE Apple Crumble Recipe RECIPE!

Apple and Nuts Delight

Tease your taste buds with this Cinnamon flavoured baked nutty goodness and present the perfect dessert for your friends and family this New Year. Savour the fruity apples with the crunchy nuts for a heartwarming start to your year.

SEE Apple and Nuts Delight RECIPE!

Chocolate Bread Pudding

This delectable and mouth-watering New Year dessert is so easy to make - but wait, we have a chocolate twist coming ahead. All you need is good quality chocolate, sugar and fried bread. And if you have chocolate syrup at home, then it’s even better. If you are looking for a soul-satisfying yet simple dessert for your New Year’s eve, this is the one.

SEE Chocolate Bread Pudding RECIPE!

Eggless American Fudge Cookies

Winter snuggles, a hot cup of coffee and some cookie munch time is the perfect way to welcome festivities. Add some crunch with a dash of health benefits to revamp your New Year sweets spread for the festive season this year.

SEE Eggless American Fudge Cookies RECIPE!

Chocolate Faces Recipe

Add a few more sweet and happy faces to your New Year celebrations this year. Whip up this quick and easy Chocolate faces recipe and watch these sweet delights become a hit amongst the kids.

SEE Chocolate Faces Recipe!
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