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Kaju Katli Recipe

Kaju Katli Recipe

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Kaju Katli has always been one of the most popular desserts across Indian Subcontinent. It’s smooth, spongy texture, and long-lasting durability will make your festivals even more special. It's literally ready in 3 simple steps and under 30 minutes so you can prepare it when your palate desires a quintessentially Indian dessert.

  • video Servings - 5
  • video Preparation - 5 min
  • Cooking - 30 min

Ingredients for Kaju Katli buynow


- Kaju (Cashewnuts)

- Khoa

- Maida

- Milk

How to make Kaju Katli

1. Crush Kaju to a fine powder.
2. Put all the ingredients together and grind to a smooth paste.
3. Transfer to a thick bottomed kadai and cook on a slow fire till the mixture starts leaving the slides and forms a ball.
4. Put the mixture in a tray and roll out thinly(1/8”). Cool and cut into diamond shapes.


Diwali, Indian Dessert and Mithai

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