Cold Coffee Recipe

Escape the summer heat and cool off your palate with our irresistible Cold Coffee. This refreshing beverage, made with rich coffee, milk, ice cubes, water, chocolate syrup, and the creamiest Nestlé MILKMAID, promises a delightful treat perfect for any time of day!

About Our Recipe

Forget complicated coffee shop concoctions. With our easy Cold Coffee recipe, you can whip up a café-quality beverage in the comfort of your home within minutes. Nestlé MILKMAID adds a luscious creaminess and just the right amount of sweetness, eliminating the need for additional sugar or cream.

Begin by mixing your favourite instant coffee with warm water, then blend it with milk, ice cubes, and a generous dollop of Nestlé MILKMAID for a frothy and refreshing treat. Pour into a glass and enjoy - it's guaranteed to cool you down on the hottest day.

With each sip, you'll experience the luxurious blend of strong coffee flavour and rich creaminess, making this Cold Coffee a true indulgence for your senses. Whether you're relaxing or powering through a busy day, our Cold Coffee recipe promises to satisfy your cravings and keep you refreshed.

So, ditch long queues and overpriced drinks. With our Cold Coffee recipe made with Nestlé MILKMAID, you can enjoy a café-quality refreshment anytime. Treat yourself to a glass today and experience the creamy bliss for yourself.

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  • Servings - 1
  • Preparation - 10 Min

Ingredients for Cold Coffee

  • 3 Tbsp Nestlé MILKMAID Mini
  • 1 Cup, chilled Nestle A+ Milk
  • 1 Tbsp Nescafe Classic Coffee
  • ¼ Cup Warm Water
  • 2-3 Crushed Ice Cubes
  • 2 Tbsp Chocolate Sauce

How to make Cold Coffee

  • Step 1: Mix NESCAFÉ Classic Coffee with warm water.
  • Step 2: Add the coffee mixture and rest of the ingredients in a mixie jar and blend till smooth.
  • Step 3: Drizzle chocolate sauce onto the sides of a tall glass and pour the coffee.
  • Step 4: Serve chilled.


  • You can use milk or coffee cubes instead of regular ice cubes for richer Cold Coffee.
  • Add your favourite ice cream scoop to elevate Cold Coffee into a decadent treat.
  • Experiment with flavoured syrups like caramel or hazelnut to enhance the flavour of your Cold Coffee.
  • Top your Cold Coffee with whipped cream for added creaminess and sweetness.


1. Can I use instant coffee for Cold Coffee, or must it be brewed?

Instant coffee is perfect for Cold Coffee! It's already brewed, so it dissolves easily in warm water. Just add milk, MILKMAID, an instant coffee concoction, and ice cubes to a blender for a quick and refreshing drink.

2. Which milk is best for my Cold Coffee recipe?

For a creamy and flavourful Cold Coffee, opt for whole milk. Its richness enhances the coffee's taste and texture. If you prefer a lighter option, try skim or low-fat milk.

3. Can I use hot milk in my Cold Coffee recipe?

No, while hot milk won't ruin your drink, it will melt the ice faster and dilute your coffee. Use cold milk or chill the hot milk first for a classic Cold Coffee.

4. Can I adjust the amount of condensed milk in my Cold Coffee recipe?

Absolutely! Condensed milk adds sweetness to your Cold Coffee, so feel free to adjust the amount according to your taste preferences. Begin with a small quantity and gradually add more until it suits your liking.

5. Can I store Cold Coffee in the fridge?

Yes, you can store Cold Coffee in the fridge. It will actually help it last longer. Just use an airtight container to prevent fridge odours from affecting the taste.

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