Chocolate Fudge Recipe

As winter's chill nips at your nose, what could be more comforting than a moist, soft yet dense piece of homemade Chocolate Fudge? This sumptuous treat, perfectly combining maida, cocoa powder, butter, powdered sugar, vanilla essence, walnuts, and Nestlé MILKMAID, offers a velvety texture and an intense chocolatey punch. It's a timeless delight that transcends generations!

About Our Recipe

Indulge in the irresistible allure of our Chocolate Fudge recipe, where the creamy richness of Nestlé MILKMAID serves as the cornerstone of decadence. Its velvety sweetness not only enhances the flavour profile but also acts as the cohesive element, yielding a dense, velvety texture that dissolves upon the palate like a silky dream.

Each mouthful bursts with the robust essence of cocoa, as the deep, intense chocolate steals the spotlight, its bitter notes harmoniously counterbalanced by the indulgent sweetness of Nestlé MILKMAID. A delicate hint of vanilla lends a floral aroma, while the addition of butter imbues a glossy finish and a subtle undertone of nuttiness. To elevate this confection to a masterpiece, add lots of chopped walnuts, giving a satisfying crunch to every decadent bite.

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  • Servings - 8
  • Preparation - 5 Min
  • Cooking - 25 Min

Ingredients for Chocolate Fudge

  • 1 tin Nestlé MILKMAID
  • 2 tbsp Maida (All Purpose Flour)
  • 1/4 cup Cocoa Powder
  • 1/2 cup Powdered Sugar
  • 100 gms Butter
  • 1 cup Coarsely Chopped Walnuts

How to make Chocolate Fudge

  • Step 1: In a pan, mix all the ingredients, except walnuts, and heat.
  • Step 2: Cook on a slow flame until the mixture thickens and starts moving in a mass (soft ball stage). Stir in the walnuts.
  • Step 3: Pour onto a greased plate/tray and smoothen the surface. Cool and cut into 2” squares.

Tips to make Chocolate Fudge

  • Choose a high-quality dark chocolate for a rich flavour and smooth texture.
  • Follow our Chocolate Walnut Fudge recipe carefully and be precise with ingredient measurements for that perfect consistency.
  • Stir the mixture consistently to prevent lumps and keep it smooth. 
  • Before pouring the mixture, either grease the pan or line it with parchment paper to prevent sticking.
  • For an extra special touch, garnish your Chocolate Fudge with MILKMAID and some finely chopped walnuts.

FAQs on Chocolate Fudge

1. Why is my fudge sticky like toffee?

Overcooking or not stirring the mixture for enough time can turn your fudge into a toffee-like texture. To achieve that perfect melt-in-your-mouth texture, control the temperature precisely and constantly stir the mixture. Cook to the sweet spot (not the scorch zone), and your fudge will be heavenly.

2. Why is my Chocolate Fudge still soft?

Soft fudge can be due to two reasons: undercooking (not reaching the right temperature) or not letting it cool completely. If you haven't let the dessert reach the right temperature while cooking, you might need to re-cook it. If you did, maybe it just needs more time to cool and set properly. Let it rest in a cool place for several hours, and it might just firm up!

3. Why is my Chocolate Fudge so sticky?

Sticky fudge likely means it didn't reach the right temperature while cooking for the sugar to set properly. Try reheating the mixture gently while monitoring the temperature for a smooth, creamy Chocolate Fudge. 

4. How long does Chocolate Fudge last?

Homemade Chocolate Fudge can be enjoyed for up to 2-3 weeks at room temperature as long as it's kept cozy and wrapped in wax paper. Don't keep it in the refrigerator - the cold air draws out the moisture, leaving you with a crumbly, less-than-delightful experience.

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