Vanilla Ice Cream With Chocolate Sauce Recipe

It's everyone’s favorite and beats the taste of home-made ice-cream

  • Servings - 6
  • Preparation - 10 Min
  • Chilling - 300 Min

Ingredients for Vanilla Ice Cream With Chocolate Sauce

  • 1 tin (400 gms) Nestlé MILKMAID
  • 250 ml Fresh Cream
  • 2 tsp Vanilla Essence
  • 3 tbsp Cocoa Powder
  • 1/2 cup Nestlé a+ Nourish Milk
  • ½ cup Unsalted butter

How to make Vanilla Ice Cream With Chocolate Sauce


Chocolate sauce

  • In a bowl, combine ¾ tin Nestlé MILKMAID, fresh cream and vanilla essence. Whisk until the mixture thickens. Set it in freezer till half set. Remove and whisk again until smooth. Doing so will help keep the texture of the ice cream soft and creamy while it sets.
  • Return to freezer and set completely. Serve chilled.
  • Mix together cocoa powder and milk to form a paste.
  • Add the remaining 1/4th tin (100 gms) Nestlé MILKMAID and butter. Heat over a medium flame until the mixture is thick and glossy.
  • Serve the chocolate sauce with vanilla ice-cream.
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