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Harvest festival recipes from different parts of India!

Harvest festival recipes from different parts of India!

As the winter season ends, harvest festivities begin in different parts of the country. In the north, people celebrate Lohri by gathering around the fire, offering peanuts and unsalted popcorn for a bountiful harvest. In Gujarat and Maharashtra, people celebrate Makar Sankranti by praying to the Sun God for a bountiful harvest and prosperity. Similarly, festivals like Pongal, Bihu, Uttarayan, and Makaravilakku are observed in the eastern and southern parts of the country in the hope of abundant crops and nourishment for all. What’s common in all these festivals is that food remains at the centre of every celebration. Gur ki roti and Makhani ki Kheer in Lohri, Puran Poli and TilKutta during Makar Sankranti, Coconut Laddus in Bihu and Payasam during Makaravilakku. You don’t need to travel to the corners of the country to relish these dishes. We have a list of delicacies you can relish at home and celebrate the unique culinary creations during the harvest festival.

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Seviyan Kheer

Seviyan Payasam is a traditional Indian sweet that you can put together in minutes. It is made of vermicelli, milk, Nestlé MILKMAID, and assorted dry fruits. This amazing indulgence has an effect on people that is almost the equivalent of a magic potion. Its creamy texture and rich flavours make it a perfect companion for festive celebrations. This harvest season, serve this sweet and delectable dessert to your guests.

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Chocolate Sweet Pongal

Sweet Pongal is a sweet dish prepared in many South Indian homes with rice, lentils, jaggery or condensed milk and roasted nuts. The festival of Pongal is celebrated to mark prosperity and newness that comes with the harvest season. We present to you a new twist on this traditional dessert with Chocolate Pongal, where a new variation can be tried on this much-loved recipe! Try out this recipe and serve it to delight kids and family alike!

SEE Chocolate Sweet Pongal RECIPE!

Sweet Corn Payasam / Kheer Recipe

Payasam or Kheer is the mainstay of any festive celebration! How about adding a healthy twist to this dessert that will be loved by kids? Sweet Corn Payasam or Sweet Corn Kheer is loaded with fibre from sweet corn and the goodness of milk. It’s a new way of making this most loved recipe. You will just need sweet corn, Nestlé MILKMAID, Nestlé EveryDay Shahi Ghee, Nestlé a+ Nourish Milk, nuts and raisins, and elaichi powder to make delicious, healthy, creamy, and lip-smacking Payasam! Do try out this yummy recipe during the festivals that you are celebrating- be it Pongal, Sankranti, Lohri, Bihu, or even if there isn’t an occasion!

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Choco Nutty Kheer

A little nutty and a little chocolatey, this dessert recipe wins over everyone's heart and leaves them licking their spoons. You can easily prepare it with milk, cocoa powder, roasted semiyan, Nestlé MILKMAID, cashew nuts, raisins, and elaichi powder. You can serve it hot or chilled. Remember, plating a dessert is as important as preparing it. So, take a beautiful serving bowl, pour the Payasam and top it with some nuts. Indulge in this luscious Choco Nutty Payasam - a chocolate-coconutty treat made easily and quickly with Nestle's MILKMAID.

See Choco Nutty Kheer Recipe

Quinoa Kheer

Celebrations must never stop! So, how about a dessert that is healthy and tasty at the same time? Quinoa Payasam combines traditional flavours with healthy ingredients. It is one of the easiest Indian desserts that you can rustle up in a few minutes. You’d just need Nestlé MILKMAID, Nestlé EveryDay Shahi Ghee, Nestlé a+ Nourish Milk, quinoa, water, cashews, raisins, and elaichi powder to make delicious, healthy, creamy, and lip-smacking Payasam. Quinoa Payasam is perfect for people on a calorie-deficient diet or anyone not willing to compromise their diet. It gets you relished within the dietary world.

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Patishapta is one of the most popular Bengali sweets relished during the Makar Sankranti or Poush Sankranti festival to celebrate the rice harvesting season. You can prepare this Bengali crepe in a couple of minutes with a few ingredients, like rice flour, Nestlé MILKMAID, sweetened coconut, ghee (clarified butter), and nuts. Patishapta pairs well with another popular wintertime delicacy, khejur gur or date palm jaggery. Celebrate this rice harvesting season by making this Bengali mouthful delicacy with Nestlé MILKMAID.

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Sandesh is synonymous with Bengal. It is one of the most important sweets prepared for many festivals. It is a simple recipe that can be prepared using Nestlé MILKMAID, maida, paneer, and a few condiments. The name Sandesh or Sondesh comes from the Hindi word ‘Sandesh’, which means news or message. It would be a great, sweet, homemade message to send to your loved ones during the harvest festival. Start your festive celebrations by preparing this popular Bengali dessert with Nestlé MILKMAID.

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Ada Pradhaman

A staple in Onam and Vishu Sadya, Ada Pradhaman has a coveted place in the heart of Keralites. Its creamy texture and mild flavours make it a perfect dessert recipe to relish during special celebrations. This traditional sweet delicacy typically takes a long time to prepare and is often made by family elders. You can make this rich payasam/kheer with cooked rice flakes, Nestlé MILKMAID, ghee, milk, and nuts.

See Ada Pradhaman Recipe!

Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar ka halwa is a staple in every household during the winter. Savouring Gajar ka Halwa is the announcement that “winters are here”. And not just in winter, but all year round, this dessert is rarely absent in a celebration. Mostly seen in wedding buffets, it is also paired with ice cream. Made from a handful of ingredients, this decadent dessert can tickle your tastebuds. Its heavenly blend of Nestlé MILKMAID, carrots and dry fruits will create a rich flavour. You will love how it will melt in your mouth and make you want more.

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Moong Dal ka Halwa

When the weather gets chilly, a warm dessert is always comforting. Moong dal ka halwa is like a delicious, comforting warm hug for your taste buds. Its melt-in-the-mouth texture and decadent taste will satiate your sweet tooth. This traditional recipe is relished throughout Rajasthan and Haryana during the winter months. Moong Dal ka Halwa is considered auspicious and is often prepared during the harvest season as well as at weddings! The recipe is known for its intense labour and is made with rich and warm moong dal, milk, ghee, Nestlé MILKMAID, and a handful of your favourite nuts. Try this popular harvest festival recipe with your family!

SEE Moong Dal ka Halwa RECIPE!

Coconut Laddu (Nariyal ke Laddu)

Coconut Laddu is an easy Indian sweet treat that comes together in minutes. A staple during festivals, this delectable white dessert has a nutty aroma of roasted coconut and a comforting taste that will leave you spellbound. Made with a handful of ingredients like desiccated coconut, milk, and Nestlé MILKMAID, this recipe is perfect for beginners. Its melt-in-the-mouth characteristics make it an ideal Lohri sweet to enjoy with your family. Try making Coconut Laddu using our Harvest Festival recipes and watch your family fight for the last bite of the laddu.

SEE Coconut Laddu (Nariyal ke Laddu) RECIPE!

Caramel Banoffee Laddu

Caramel Banoffee laddu is similar to Banoffee pie - a classic dessert made using caramel, cream and biscuits. To prepare this exclusive and flavoursome dessert, you need three ingredients - Nestlé MILKMAID, low-sugar biscuits (coarsely powdered) and vanilla essence. The recipe is not only easy, but it also doesn't demand much effort. However, ensure the biscuits are properly crushed as they are crucial in bringing consistency. Be it a small get-together with your friends and family or any grand celebration. It is the perfect dessert to relish.

SEE Caramel Banoffee Laddu RECIPE!

Atta Pinni Bars

Atta Pinni Bars, more popular in North India, especially in the states of Punjab and Haryana, are quintessential sweet – wholesome, delicious, and full of good energy. Nothing can match the goodness and authentic taste of homemade Atta Pinni Bars. You can easily prepare these bars with Nestlé MILKMAID, Everyday Shahi Ghee, wheat flour, biscuit crumbs, melted butter, and melted dark chocolate. The traditional Punjabi sweet is perfect for the winter season as it is loaded with ingredients that warm and nourish your body.

SEE Atta Pinni Bars RECIPE!

Til Choco Lollipops

If you are looking for a unique and quirky sweet recipe for this Makar Sankranti, try Til choco lollipops, a fusion of til laddu and chocolate. The process of preparing these lollipops is not only easy, but it is also fun. All you need to do is mix Nestlé MILKMAID, sesame seeds, desiccated coconut, and melted chocolate in a bowl and bind it into a soft dough. Now, take small proportions of the dough, start rolling them into balls and fix them one by one on a small straw/pipe and press them gently to make them into lollipops. Dip half the lollipop into melted chocolate to make it chocolaty, and it's ready to serve. These toothsome Til Choco Lollipops are perfect last-minute stocking fillers for your family and friends.

SEE Til Choco Lollipops RECIPE!

Besan Laddu

Besan Laddu, also known as Magad ke Laddoo, is a staple dessert in many Indian households. Every bite of Besan laddu will remind you of childhood when your grandmother used to make them for you. It is a popular Indian dessert made and relished for festivals, family events, and special occasions. You can prepare your these laddus in your kitchen. All you need to make these sweet balls of bliss is Nestlé MILKMAID, ghee, besan, nuts, and lots of love and patience!

SEE Besan Laddu RECIPE!

Sooji Laddu

Sooji or Rava Laddu is an Indian sweet treat that is loved across the country. It belongs to the Maharashtrian cuisine and is prepared on many occasions, especially festivals. Its rich taste and melt-in-the-mouth characteristics make it a delight to eat. Made with sooji or rava, grated coconut, fried assorted nuts, and Nestlé MILKMAID, Sooji Laadu is a luxurious dessert that will satiate your sweet tooth. Create this incredible Indian dessert easily at home with our recipe.

SEE Sooji Laddu RECIPE!

Chocolate Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is an aromatic and decadent South Indian sweet and is one of the most loved delicacies that is well known all over the country. Here is a new twist to this delicious dessert with Chocolate Mysore Pak! Chocolate Mysore Pak is a layered dessert that looks and feels like a fudge. Its melt-in-the-mouth characteristics and nutty taste will make it an instant hit with the kids during festivities! Made with chickpea flour, cocoa powder, and Nestlé MILKMAID, it’s a royal dessert that will bowl away all your friends and family right off the bat! You can easily prepare this incredibly rich and delicious dessert at home and make your Pongal celebrations memorable.

SEE Choco Coconut Rice Ada Laddu RECIPE!

Choco Coconut Rice Ada Laddu

Choco Coconut Rice Ada Laddu – a traditional coconut laddu recipe with rich chocolate flavour. Sounds delightful? Indeed, it is. And it is very easy to prepare. You just need a few easily available ingredients like Nestlé MILKMAID, desiccated coconut, fresh cream, soaked rice ada, and cocoa powder to prepare these delicious Choco Coconut Rice Ada Laddus. There's no cooking or baking required. You need to mix all the ingredients, divide the mixture into two parts, add cocoa powder to one part, mix well, and keep the second part as it is. Now, all you need to do is take a tablespoon of the mixture from each part and roll it to give the shape of laddus. And it’s done!

SEE Choco Coconut Rice Ada Laddu RECIPE!

Rice Kheer

With the onset of winter and the festive season, there is a reason to prepare something sweet, warm, and tempting every other day. Of the many sweets, Rice Kheer is one of the most popular Indian desserts to prepare during Pongal or Makar Sankranti festivities. A spoonful of rice kheer is enough to take you back to your childhood. This simple and delicious recipe can be made with a handful of ingredients, including rice, Nestlé MILKMAID, milk, cardamom, and dried fruits. Enjoy this delectable rice pudding with your family and friend this festive season! This easy-to-prepare Indian sweet add to your harvest festival celebrations.

SEE Rice Kheer RECIPE!

Caramel Kheer

Basundi is a heavenly delicious, creamy dessert serving everyone's sweet tooth well. It is a traditional Indian dessert widely famous in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and some parts of Karnataka. Basundi is thickened milk flavoured with cardamom, saffron and nutmeg, and Caramel Payasam is a delightful twist. You can easily prepare it at home using simple ingredients like Nestlé MILKMAID, Nestlé a+ Nourish Milk, bananas, butter, sugar and saffron. The lusciousness of caramel and the creaminess of the milk offer a pure bliss experience.



Delicious and easy to make, Rabdi will bring back your childhood memories. This milk-based North-Indian dessert can put to rest any craving. Rabdi, or Rabri, is simply reduced milk with malai (cream). Often considered a complex dessert to make at home, Rabdi can be made in minutes with milk, paneer, Nestlé MILKMAID, nuts, and your favourite cardamom. This mouth-melting delicacy is frequently served with popular warm Indian desserts such as Jalebi, Malpua, and the all-time favourite Gulab Jamun !


Makhana Kheer

Kheer is a very popular sweet indulgence because of its rich taste and texture. The one made from puffed lotus seeds or makhana is a popular dish made in almost all Noth-Indian households, especially Punjab, during special occasions. Makhana ka kheer is simple to prepare and will delight both your eyes and taste buds. You can prepare it in a couple of minutes using makhana, ghee, milk, Nestlé MILKMAID, grated coconut, and a fistful of your favourite dried fruits. Start your Makar Sankranti festivities with this mouth-watering makhana pudding made with Nestlé MILKMAID.

SEE Makhana Kheer RECIPE!

Chocolate Barfi

The festive season is around the corner! Are you planning to prepare Chocolate Barfi for Makar Sankranti? With its unique variation, Chocolate Barfi will give your taste buds a break from conventional chocolates. Also, its classic recipe and rich texture will impress people of all ages. This Indian take on American fudge has become a new favourite in all festivities. Its quick and easy-to-make recipe calls for only a handful of ingredients, including Nestlé MILKMAID, ghee, cocoa powder, and cashew bits. You can use milk powder to enhance the taste of the dessert.

SEE Chocolate Barfi RECIPE!

Pumpkin Halwa

Pumpkin Halwa is a dessert recipe famous for its richness and natural sweetness. Its flaky texture and pudding-like consistency provide the right amount of comfort and warmth required during winter, making it a perfect companion for your Makar Sankranti and Lohri celebrations. This popular winter recipe is made with fresh pumpkin simmered down into a pudding-like consistency and topped with toasted cashews, almonds, pistachios, and golden raisins. Bring a huge pumpkin home and make this delicious dessert recipe this Makar Sankranti.

SEE Pumpkin Halwa RECIPE!

Orange Kheer

Orange Kheer is a traditional Bengali sweet prepared with orange pulp. It is a popular Bengal dish prepared during winter using seasonal oranges. This dessert recipe bursts with flavours that will satiate your sweet tooth. This recipe can be made with a handful of ingredients. All you need is fresh orange pulp, boiled rice, and milk. You can garnish the Kheer with cinnamon, cardamom powder, cashews, and golden raisins. If you are looking for a soul-satisfying yet simple dessert for your Lohri or Makar Sankranti celebrations, this is the one.

SEE Orange Kheer RECIPE!

Vermicelli Custard

Tease your taste buds with this sweet pudding prepared with Vermicelli and custard. This melt-in-the-mouth dessert recipe has the flavours of an Indian kheer and the freshness of a fruit custard. Made with vermicelli, custard powder, and seasonal fruits, this recipe can be the perfect harvest festival dessert to make your celebrations memorable. The traditional method of making Vermicelli custard can take up more than an hour, but with Nestlé MILKMAID, you can whip it up in a few minutes.

SEE Vermicelli Custard RECIPE!

Mawa Kheer

If you are in the mood to have a decadent and nutty dessert recipe, Mawa Kheer is your perfect go-to. It is a nutty, aromatic, tasty, and delicious dessert recipe that can be made in no time. Made with Makhana, Nestlé MILKMAID, Chironji, Cardamon and Cinnamon powder, this pudding recipe can be adorned with raisins, almonds, and cashew nuts. This decadent treat is eaten during festivals like Diwali, Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Lohri, or Navratri, but it makes for a great special pudding at any time. Treat yourself to this royal feast with our easy-to-make Mawa Kheer recipe made with Nestlé MILKMAID.

SEE Mawa Kheer RECIPE!

Badam Kheer

Badam Kheer is a creamy, rich, and delicious Indian pudding that can be easily prepared with Nestlé MILKMAID, Nestlé a+ Nourish Milk, almonds, cashew nuts, and almond essence. This dessert tastes divine and is perfect for festive occasions like Makar Sankranti, Diwali, Navratri, or other celebrations. You can serve it chilled or hot after garnishing it with saffron and chopped nuts. Simply whip up this easy recipe and enjoy the sweetness of sharing it with your loved ones.

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