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Bring a twist to your favourite Sadhya Desserts this Onam

Bring a twist to your favourite Sadhya Desserts this Onam

Onam, the much-awaited festival celebrated across Southern India, especially in Kerala, brings forth a diverse range of traditions. 
From the enchanting beauty of flower decorations adorning homes to the lively games, vibrant traditional dances, thrilling boat races, and majestic elephant processions, it is a true spectacle of joy. 
But amidst all the excitement, one essential element simply cannot be overlooked—the grand feast! The Onam Sadhya holds a special place, and it is impossible to imagine Onam without traditional sweets. 
After all, no Indian festival is truly complete without the relishing traditional sweets that grace our platters and treat our taste buds. 
So, as you immerse yourself in festivities, do try these Onam special sweet recipes to enhance the sweetness of your celebration.

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Fruity Kheer

Elevate your Onam celebrations with our delightful Fruity Payasam recipe. Nestlé MILKMAID's creamy indulgence meets the freshness of assorted fruits, creating a symphony of flavours. Reminiscent of cherished traditions, this dessert adds a modern twist to your festivities. Crafted with love, our Fruity Payasam lets you relish every spoonful while sharing moments with loved ones. Add this newness to your Onam sadya and savour the blend of tradition and innovation in each delectable bite.

SEE Fruity Kheer RECIPE!

No-Bake Pal Ada Tarts

Experience the nostalgic creamy, authentic flavours of Pal Ada Tarts with Nestlé MILKMAID. The richness of Nestlé MILKMAID perfectly harmonizes with the dense, crumbly textures of the tart, creating a delightful treat that is sure to please your loved ones. Adding a modern twist to Palada Payasam, Palada Tarts prepared with Nestlé MILKMAID can be the perfect dessert to add some newness to Onam celebration Try our easy-to-follow Pal Ada Tart recipe this Onam.


Millet Kheer

It’s the Year of Millets, so why not celebrate Onam with our delightful Millet Payasam recipe! The goodness of millets and MILKMAID’s signature taste will make sure family and friends will relish each spoonful of this scrumptious Payasam. Let the millet grains and velvety milk blend perfectly, creating a symphony of flavours. Try our easy Millet Payasam recipe and create new sweet stories as you celebrate Onam with your loved ones.

SEE Millet Kheer RECIPE!

Choco-Coconut Rice Ada Laddu

A special Onam Sadya sweet for the chocoholics of the family. If you want the little ones to get just as excited about the Onam festivities, Choco-Coconut Rice Ada Laddus can do the trick. With our recipe and Nestlé MILKMAID, you can make these laddus in just 20 minutes. You can even prepare a batch without chocolate to make sure you meet the preferences of everyone in the family.


Ada Pradhaman

Onam celebrations can feel incomplete without the season’s favourite dessert, a bowlful of syrupy rice pudding. This traditional delicacy is a must-have during this vibrant festival, as it elevates the vibe of Onam celebrations. Recreate the authentic flavours of Ada Pradhaman effortlessly with Nestlé MILKMAID and our carefully crafted recipe. Nestlé MILKMAID helps achieve a thick, rich, and creamy consistency in no time, thus, delighting your loved ones. Embrace the festive spirit and make cherished memories with Nestlé MILKMAID-enhanced Ada Pradhaman.


Seviyan Kheer

Here’s an easy Payasam recipe that will surely help you win over your loved ones. A bowl of scrumptious Payasam will take everyone back to the nostalgic memories of Onam celebrations. With our special Seviyan Payasam recipe, courtesy of creamy Nestlé MILKMAID, you'll be able to recreate those heart-warming moments and create new sweet stories together.


Sooji Laddu (Rawa Laddu)

These delicately soft, sweet balls of deliciousness are super easy to make with Nestlé MILKMAID, allowing you to prepare them in large quantities for sharing with friends and family. The combination of the nutty aroma of the roasted semolina, the rich and sweet taste of Nestlé MILKMAID and the buttery taste of ghee creates a harmonious blend of flavours. These laddus, widely preferred sweet for Onam, perfectly complement the festive atmosphere with the perfect sweetness and richness.


Quinoa Kheer

With our recipe, you can achieve a unique and delightful taste of Quinoa Payasam. The nutty and slightly earthy flavour of quinoa blends harmoniously with the creamy and sweet notes of the Nestlé MILKMAID, enhancing the richness of this Onam Sadhya dessert. The condensed milk adds a velvety texture and a luscious sweetness that complements the quinoa perfectly. It simplifies the cooking process, ensures consistent sweetness, and elevates the overall taste, making it a delectable and easy-to-make dessert option.


Choco Nutty Kheer

Indulge in the delightful Choco-Nutty Payasam this Onam, where the fusion of chocolate and traditional festivities creates an exciting twist. You can elevate the experience by preparing it with Nestlé MILKMAID, guaranteeing a creamy and perfectly sweetened Payasam. The lusciousness of Nestlé MILKMAID beautifully blends with the rich chocolate and nutty flavours, resulting in an irresistible taste. Give our recipe a try for a truly unforgettable Onam celebration!


Sweet Corn Payasam Kheer

Get ready to indulge in a true culinary triumph - our exceptional Sweet Corn Payasam recipe! This delectable Onam Sadhya dessert is a guaranteed winner that will leave your loved ones craving more. The combination of corn and the luscious Nestlé MILKMAID will elevate the flavours of Payasam, resulting in a signature taste that is simply divine. With every spoonful of this delicious Payasam, you'll experience a delightful explosion of flavours and textures.



Whether enjoyed as a snack or a dessert, Unniyappam prepared with Nestlé MILKMAID promises a delightful treat for your palate. The perfect balance of flavours and textures makes it a favourite among both children and adults, leaving a lasting impression of pure culinary bliss. Each bite of Unniyappam prepared with Nestlé MILKMAID is a heavenly experience. The outer layer boasts a crispy texture that encases a soft and fluffy interior. And Nestlé MILKMAID’s sweetness and richness infused into the batter creates a delectable, caramelized flavour that enhances the overall taste profile. What’s more, our centre filled Unniyappam"s have a tasty surprise inside that is sure to WOW everyone. Try these this festive season and see the magic unfold! So, make this Onam more special by adding these exciting new recipes from Nestlé MILKMAID to your favourite Sadhya feast.

SEE Unniyappam RECIPE!

Caramel Kheer

Indulge in the charm of caramel-infused sweetness with our irresistible Caramel Payasam recipe. With a few easy steps and Nestlé MILKMAID's creamy touch, this dessert promises to evoke fond memories and create new moments of delight. Make Onam even more special with this interesting twist on the much loved Payasam recipe. Create sweet stories together this Onam!


Crunchy Kheer

Experience the joy of Onam with our Crunchy Payasam recipe, made to win the little ones’ hearts. This delightful dessert, brings together MILKMAID’s silky texture and signature taste, and the crunch of Munch chocolate, making it a kids’ favourite! Try this new dessert during Onam, and see delight in everyone’s eyes! Make new memories and share the joy as you gather to enjoy this yummy treat together this Onam.

SEE Crunchy Kheer RECIPE!

Mango Kheer

Mango Payasam, also called mango kheer or mango pudding, is a delightful dessert loved worldwide. It's a mix of the natural sweetness of ripe mangoes and the creaminess of milk, often with cardamom for the perfect aroma. With Nestlé MILKMAID and our recipe, you can be sure about achieving the perfect taste of Mango Payasam every time. The creamy texture of the condensed milk makes the mango flavour richer, enhancing its natural sweetness. MILKMAID’s smoothness and sweet touch go perfectly with the fruity taste, making Mango Payasam a truly delightful treat to enjoy during Onam.

SEE Mango Kheer RECIPE!

Banana Toffee Kheer

Banana Toffee Payasam boasts a delightful harmony, combining the sweetness of caramelized toffee with the inherent creaminess of bananas. This fusion creates a lavish dessert, with the banana infusion introducing an intriguing dimension to the timeless toffee essence. Nonetheless, capturing the authentic essence of this dessert is no small feat, unless you have Nestlé MILKMAID. This recipe will teach you how to use MILKMAID in a toffee form. Toffee made with MILKMAID adds a unique flavour and nuttiness to many desserts. Don’t miss the chance to savour this delectable treat by trying our recipe this Onam.

SEE Banana Toffee Kheer RECIPE!

Lauki ki Kheer recipe (Bottle Gourd Kheer)

Bottle Gourd Payasam perfectly combines the gentle, slightly nutty taste of bottle gourd with a hint of sweetness, resulting in a unique and delightful flavour. The addition of fragrant cardamom and a bit of ghee elevates the taste even more. With this payasam, you can indulge during Onam sadya and get the health benefits of bottle gourd too. When making Bottle Gourd Payasam, Nestlé MILKMAID is a must. Its smooth texture and perfect sweetness complements the mild bottle gourd flavour and simplifies cooking. It guarantees a delicious Bottle Gourd Payasam that's bound to please your taste buds.

SEE Bottle Gourd Kheer RECIPE!

Dulce De Lèche Kheer

Savour the wonderfully rich taste experience of Dulce de Lèche Payasam. The lavish caramelized essence of Dulce de Lèche, often created from condensed milk, adds a luxurious flavour to the payasam. The creamy and velvety texture of Nestlé MILKMAID, combined with deep caramel undertones makes Dulce de Lèche Payasam an irresistible dessert that perfectly balances decadence and satisfaction.

SEE Dulce De Lèche Payasam (Caramel Payasam) RECIPE!
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