Chikoo Ice Cream Recipe

Summers are not just for mangoes. There’s also chikoo and as tasty as the fruit is, its ice cream is a fantastic summer delight to relish. With our authentic recipe, you can enjoy chikoo ice cream in the comfort of your home. How? It is simple, just follow the easy steps from our recipe, serve and eat fresh and creamy chikoo ice cream. Yes, it is that simple. Entice your loved ones with its flavour and make summers more delicious.

  • Servings - 5
  • Preparation - 15 min
  • Chilling - 360 min

Ingredients for Chikoo Ice Cream

NESTLÉ a plus Nourish milk
250 g
1/2 tin (200g)-
250 g
Fresh Cream

How to make Chikoo Ice Cream

  •  Mash peeled, de-seeded chikoos using electric blender or mixer-grinder.
  •  Combine MILKMAID, milk & cream. Mix well and freeze for 2 hrs.
  •  Add chikoo pulp. Mix well and return to freezer for 4 more hrs.