Sweet Coconut Rice & Mango Dessert Recipe

Bring a spoonful of exotic Thailand home with this scrumptious and easy dessert. This sinful, creamy combination of coconut rice and mango is sure to send you to the seventh heaven.
  • Servings - 4
  • Preparation - 15 minutes
  • Cooking - 20 minutes


  • 1/2 tin (200 gms)
    Nestlé MILKMAID
  • 1/3 cup
    Maggi Coconut Milk Powder
  • 1 cup
    Raw Rice
  • 3 cups
    Warm Water
  • ¼ tsp
  • 1 tsp
    Vanilla Essence
  • 2 tsp
    Corn flour
  • 2
    Ripe Sliced Mangoes

For Sweet Rice:

  • Wash the rice well. Mix 25 gms coconut milk powder in 2 cups warm water. Add rice, salt and cook in the pressure cooker for 5 minutes on a low flame after the first whistle. Once done, add vanilla essence and mash the rice well.

For Coconut Sauce:

  • In a bowl, mix the remaining 25 gms coconut milk powder, 1 cup warm water, Nestlé MILKMAID and corn flour. Heat in a pan until the mixture thickens.
  • Add the coconut sauce to the cooked rice along with chopped mangoes. Mix well, place in a serving bowl and refrigerate. Place some mango slices over the rice and serve!

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