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15 Easy ice Cream and kulfi recipes for homemade frozen delights.

15 Easy ice Cream and kulfi recipes for homemade frozen delights.

Ice creams and happiness are synonymous, be it any type of ice cream! Just the sight of it can pause all your worries and leave you smiling ear to ear. And it is not just momentary happiness, there are many memories associated with ice creams. It could be running to the ice cream shop after school or a treat from your friend. Some even have memories associated with different types of ice cream flavours, like summertime fun with mango ice cream or winter walks with a strawberry cone. Whether it is a favourite flavour or a special moment shared with loved ones, ice cream has a way of bringing people together and creating cherished memories. Relive those sweet memories by making these 15 easy ice cream recipes at home.

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Vanilla Choco Chips Ice Cream

Craving something sweet and indulgent? Why not make a batch of classic Vanilla Choco Chips ice cream in the comfort of your home? This beloved dessert offers a delicious blend of creamy vanilla and crunchy chocolate chips in every bite. You'll need just a few simple ingredients, including Nestlé MILKMAID, to make this delectable treat. With 30 minutes of preparation time and 360 minutes of chilling time, you'll have homemade Vanilla Choco Chips ice cream that will delight your taste buds. Don't hesitate to try it and enjoy the perfect combination of creamy sweetness and chocolatey crunch!

SEE Vanilla Choco Chips Ice Cream RECIPE!

Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate flavour is usually a hit, especially with kids. Hence, if you are trying your hand at making ice cream for the first time, chocolate ice cream is a great pick.
Also, our chocolate ice cream recipe is easy to make, so you can ace it without worries.
The creaminess of Nestlé MILKMAID blended with chocolate syrup and vanilla essence gives this ice cream a smooth and velvety texture that melts in your mouth.
Just top a few nuts to add a crunch to your chocolate ice cream and you are good to go.

SEE Chocolate Ice Cream RECIPE!

Strawberry Icecream

The one who matched strawberries with ice cream was a true genius. Creating a blend of the sweet and slightly tangy taste of strawberries, enveloped with the creaminess of ice cream.
Strawberry ice cream is a delicious and popular ice cream flavour that is loved by many people, including children. If your family loves strawberry ice cream, you can try making it at home with your kid with our easy-to-follow recipe and just 3 ingredients – Nestlé MILKMAID, fresh strawberries and fresh cream.
Nestlé MILKMAID, when blended with fresh strawberries, makes the ice cream even more creamy and smooth.
Remember to add fresh, small strawberry pieces to get a juicy flavour every time you bite a spoonful.

SEE Strawberry Ice cream RECIPE!

Mango Ice Cream

Summers without mango ice cream can feel incomplete. The distinct sweet, juicy flavour of ripe mangoes mixed with creamy ice cream set it apart from other ice cream flavours.
You can make mango ice cream at home with our easy-to-make ice cream recipe. The ingredients include fresh mangoes, fresh cream and Nestlé MILKMAID which makes the process quick and adds extra creaminess to your ice cream.

SEE Mango Ice Cream RECIPE!

Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce

Vanilla ice cream is the first choice of many ice cream lovers. Its classic taste and delicate aroma adjust easily with the palate.
You can try it at home easily with our recipe. The recipe includes Nestlé MILKMAID, which makes the process quick and also adds a silken texture to the ice cream.
Pair a scoop of this vanilla ice cream with cookies, cakes, chocolate chips or any fruit of your choice to make it even more delectable.

SEE Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce RECIPE!

Mango Kulfi

Remember eating mango kulfi with friends and family during the summer holidays. Give your loved ones a taste of those days, with homemade mango kulfi that is soft, creamy and juicy with just the right amount of sweetness. You can make these in no time with our recipe.
All you need is fresh mango pulp, cornflour, Nestlé a+ Toned milk and Nestlé MILKMAID to recreate the flavours to fall in love with.

SEE Mango Kulfi RECIPE!

Chikoo ice cream

Chickoos can be a part of several delectable desserts, and Chikoo ice cream is one of them. The sweetness and grainy texture of Chikoo, when blended with Nestlé MILKMAID makes it rich, creamy and yummy!
Our recipe for Chikoo ice cream includes just 3 ingredients, Nestlé MILKMAID, Fresh Cream and Chikoos, and you can make it in no time and also involve your kids in the process.
Serve it chilled either in a bowl or cones of your choice.

SEE Chikoo ice cream RECIPE!

Summer Fruit Delight

A chilled fruit salad is a pure bliss in the scorching summer heat. We have the perfect recipe for you.
Our delicious summer fruit delight is easy to make with Nestlé MILKMAID and Nestlé a+ Nourish dahi.
You can enjoy it chilled as it is, or as a dessert topped with ice cream. It is a great treat for kids too.

SEE Summer Fruit Delight RECIPE!

Mango Tropical Freeze

You can always try new dessert recipes with mangoes, like the sweet, citrusy and refreshing Mango Tropical Freeze.
Our version of this recipe includes gelatine, coconut milk, beaten egg yolks, and Nestlé MILKMAID. The recipe is easy to follow and delicious to taste.
Remember to garnish the dessert with fresh mangoes and see how just the sight of this frozen dessert can leave you in awe.

SEE Mango Tropical Freeze RECIPE!

Mocha Exquisite

Mocha exquisite is a frozen dessert made with coffee and cocoa. Perfect as an after dinner-treat.
Our recipe includes the sweetness and creaminess of Nestlé MILKMAID that perfectly contrasts the bitterness of cocoa, making it an irresistible frozen dessert. It can be made in just a few minutes.
You can add crushed biscuits and walnuts to the mix for a nutty texture.
Refrigerate and serve chilled.

SEE Mocha Exquisite RECIPE!

Watermelon Lollies

Oh, Lollies! Just the mere mention takes one back to childhood. A great treat for kids and adults to bond.
We have a recipe for tasty watermelon lollies to make at home. These watermelon lollies are simple to make with just watermelon puree and Nestlé MILKMAID.
You can even ask your kids to help whisk watermelons with Nestlé MILKMAID and place them in moulds.
Once set, de-mould and enjoy!

SEE Watermelon Lollies RECIPE!

Thandai Ice cream

If you're looking for a delicious way to cool down in the summer heat, then you've got to try Thandai ice cream!
We have an easy Thandai ice cream recipe for you to try at home. The combination of distinct flavours blended with the richness and creaminess of Nestlé MILKMAID with the aroma of rose water gives this dessert a divine taste.
You can serve this dessert in cones, bowls or mould them on ice-cream sticks. Top it off with crushed nuts for some crunch.

SEE Thandai Icecream RECIPE!

Chocolate Tower

This scrumptious chocolate tower is a delicious layer of Nestlé MILKMAID blended with the goodness of chocolate, and crunchy chocolate biscuits dipped in coffee liquor.
This frozen dessert also includes chopped almonds to give a nutty flavour to this mix. Just layer the biscuits and creamy mix in a glass or a small bowl and serve chilled.
You can make it easily with our chocolate tower recipe.

SEE Chocolate Tower RECIPE!

Mango Cheesecake Ice Cream

Experience the irresistible flavours of mango cheesecake in an ice cream! Try this exquisite summer twist that brings together two of your favourite desserts in the form of mango cheesecake ice cream. This frozen treat brings together the lusciousness of ripe mangoes, the indulgence of cheesecake and the creaminess of ice cream. Our recipe perfectly balances the fruitiness and richness to create a unique, heavenly dessert. Nestlé MILKMAID makes it even more luscious and rich and sav es you a lot of preparation time. With the goodness of mango, cheesecake and ice cream, this cheesecake ice cream is three times the lip-smacking satisfaction.

SEE Mango Cheesecake Ice Cream RECIPE!

Thandai Kulfi

Elevate your warm-weather dessert repertoire with this delectable Thandai Kulfi recipe. Start by gently simmering milk with Nestlé MILKMAID and fresh cream to forge a rich, velvety base. Next, prepare Thandai Masala by finely grinding a fragrant mix of peppercorns, fennel seeds, almonds, poppy seeds, cardamom, and dried rose petals. This aromatic medley of spices and nuts is what gives the kulfi its distinctive, captivating flavour. Stir the Thandai Masala into the creamy milk mixture, then allow it to cool. Once cooled, pour the blend into kulfi molds and freeze overnight to set. The result is a luxuriously creamy, intricately spiced Thandai Kulfi that's the quintessential treat to beat the summer heat.

SEE Thandai Kulfi RECIPE!
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