Falooda Recipe

A real gem amongst Indian desserts, a serve of Falooda with ice cream is truly a winner. But as delicious as this layered delicacy tastes, making a Falooda needs the right recipe. We have an easy-to-make Falooda recipe for you, so you can quickly prepare and woo your loved ones. It is an answer to all those who wonder, ‘how to make a Falooda?’. And like all good things, share this recipe with those in need!

  • Servings - 8
  • Preparation - 15 min

Ingredients for Falooda

1 tin
1 pack
Strawberry Jelly
1 tbsp
Rose essence or Rooh Afza
3 tbsp
Kasa Kasa seeds or Basil seeds
10 cups

How to make Falooda

  • Mix MILKMAID, water and Rose essence together
  • Soak Kasa Kasa seeds till they swell up. Add this to the mixture.
  • Chill and serve with Ice cream / Rooh afza as toppings