Beat the summer heat with these 6 mango dessert recipes

Come Summer and Indian markets get flooded with mangoes. You can almost smell the sweet mangoes in every corner and every home. So, there’s absolutely no way you can resist it. If you are a mango lover and that too a dessert freak, you’ll love trying these easy tangy-sweet recipes


This is the perfect amalgamation of the traditional Indian yoghurt dessert - Shrikand with the king of fruits - Mango. Aamrakhand may be super simple to make, but the taste is highly sophisticated. So, this summer, enjoy this sunny mango dessert!
Mango Cheesecake
There are only a few recipes that can actually take your love for mangoes to a whole new level. This no-bake cheesecake is one such recipe and an absolute breeze to prepare at home.
Mango Ice Cream
This classic recipe makes for an easy dessert and can be quickly prepared whenever the craving arises. Made using fresh mangoes, this dessert is surely delicious.
Mango Kulfi
Hot days calls for frozen treats and there’s nothing quite like homemade Kulfi aka the Indian version of ice-cream. This Mango Kulfi has the flavors of mango mixed with the traditional Kulfi. Serve yourself a slice to beat the heat.
Mango Tropical Freeze
This frozen dessert with coconut, mango and cherries will take you right to the shores of a beach. Surprise everyone with a scoop of this tropical delicacy!
Sweet Coconut Rice with Mango
Experience pure bliss with this scrumptious and easy dessert. This creamy combination of coconut rice and mango is sure to pamper your senses.