White Chocolate and Berry Cheesecake Recipe

  • Servings - 6
  • Preparation - 20 Min
  • Chilling - 2 Hours Min

Ingredients for White Chocolate and Berry Cheesecake

  • ½ cup Nestlé MILKMAID
  • 1 pack (200g) Nestlé a+ Nourish Dahi
  • 2 pack (25g each) Nestlé Milkybar
  • 100g (15 biscuits) Low Sugar Biscuits
  • 3 tbsps Melted Butter
  • 2 tsps Gelatin
  • ¼ cup (40 ml approximate) Water
  • 1 cup (150ml) Cream
  • 100g Pureed Strawberry

How to make White Chocolate and Berry Cheesecake

  • Step 1:  Crush the biscuits finely. Add melted butter and mix well.
  • Step 2:  Press this onto a greased shallow glass dish/ loose bottom pie dish and chill for 10 minutes.
  • Step 3:  Strain the dahi in a muslin cloth for 10 minutes to get hung curd.
  • Step 4:  Sprinkle gelatin over the cold water in a small bowl. Place the bowl in simmering water and stir until dissolved.
  • Step 5:  Break the chocolate into bits and place them in a pan. Cover with 2 tbsps of cream.
  • Step 6:  Microwave for 1 minute to melt the chocolate.
  • Step 7:  Beat the hung curd and Nestlé MILKMAID until smooth, and then beat in rest of the cream. Add the melted chocolate and gelatine into the curd mixture. Beat well.
  • Step 8:  Pour into the chilled biscuit layer. Swirl the strawberry puree through the cheese cake mixture.
  • Step 9:  Refrigerate 1-2 hours or until set.
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