Surprise your loved ones with these 5 simple baking recipes

If ‘how to surprise my loved ones’ is the question, a homemade sweet delicacy is the answer. Nothing would bring more joy to your friends and family than a dish made by you. Try these simple, easy-to-follow Milkmaid recipes to bake some sweet goodies for your nearest and dearest.

Cup-Cakes Recipe
The perfect accompaniment to an evening tea with your friends and family. Try this easy recipe to bake a delicious batch of cup-cakes!
Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe
A fun bake resulting in a vibrant and tasty cake. This pineapple cake is the refreshing dessert you need to share with your close ones.
Eggless Banana Cake Recipe
Watch your loved ones go bananas over this banana cake.
Brownies Recipe
A great place to start off your baking adventures. Check out this three step brownie recipe!
Apple and Nuts Delight Recipe
This warm mix of apple and nuts feels just like a warm hug from the people closest to you.