Quick and Easy Dessert Recipes for your Dinner Parties

Planning dinner parties is no easy job. Finalising menus and cleaning up the house can be very stressful. We’re here to make this process easier. End your evening with these easy-to-make classy Milkmaid desserts to impress your guests.

Apple Crumble Recipe
Make this your go-to recipe for an easy, but extremely scrumptious dessert that you can never get enough of.
Chocolate Souffle Recipe
Master this easy recipe and surprise your guests with a soft, rich and creamy chocolate souffle.
Coffee Cups Recipe
A beautiful balance between bitter and sweet, these coffee cups explode with flavour. Try this easy three step recipe for your dessert fix, today!
Shahi Tukre Recipe
Go the traditional route with these delectable Shahi Tukre for a wholesome end to your meal.
Chocolate Tower Recipe
Try something unique with this chocolate tower recipe. The combination of the different sauces and biscuits will give a kick to your dinner menu.