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Quick and Easy Dessert Recipes for your Dinner Parties

Planning dinner parties is no easy job. Finalising menus and cleaning up the house can be very…
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Smoothie Recipes you Must Try This Summer

A long summer afternoon can be extremely tiring. The direct heat, the sweat and the sun can…
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Make a simple cake at home with these easy tips

After a long day of appointments, meeting, assignments and commotion, who doesn't want to treat…
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Sweet cravings with these no-bake desserts

What do you do when you’re craving a good dessert but don’t feel like baking? Don’t worry, we’ve…
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Love with simple chocolate desserts

The Maya Indians and Aztecs recognised the true value of Cocoa even before Cocoa Beans were…
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Bring in Spring with these Delicious Fruit Desserts

Fruits are a great source of nutrients, but are often ignored because “how can healthy ever be…
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Baking is a piece of cake with these simple cake recipes for beginners

Be it someone’s birthday, a celebration or just cravings at the middle of the night, a piece of…
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Beat the summer heat with these 6 mango dessert recipes

Come Summer and Indian markets get flooded with mangoes. You can almost smell…
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