Rocky Road Fudge Recipe

Congratulations to Priyanka Kundu for winning the #MothersDayWithMilkmaid contest! Loved how you made your mom feel special on Mother’s Day with Nestlé MILKMAID and your unique Rocky Road Fudge recipe. There is no better way to bring cheer to your family and friends than making them their favourite dessert. Try Priyanka’s special recipe and Create Sweet Stories!

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Ingredients for Rocky Road Fudge

  • 150 gms Nestlé MILKMAID
  • 75 gms White Chocolate
  • 2 Chopped Digestive Biscuits
  • 8-9 Gems
  • 2 tbsp Chopped Jujubes/Jelly
  • 75 gms Dark Chocolate
  • 2 tbsp Chopped Walnuts

How to make Rocky Road Fudge

  • Divide the Nestlé MILKMAID into two equal portions.
  • In one bowl, mix white chocolate with Nestlé MILKMAID, and microwave it for 30 seconds.
  • Remove it from the microwave, mix it well and add walnuts, digestive biscuits, gems & jujubes.
  • Pour this on a prepared tin, lined with a parchment paper or butter paper. Keep it aside
  • In another bowl, mix dark chocolate with the remaining Nestlé MILKMAID and microwave it for 30 seconds.
  • Pour it over the white chocolate fudge.
  • Refrigerate it for 4-6 hours and cut it into small cubes.
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