5 Special Eid Recipes To Light Up Your Celebrations!

The special festival of Eid brings with it the utmost joy and happiness. The season of coming together and celebrating stands as a bond that stays strong through time. Of course Eid is never complete without the delicious spread of special Eid recipes that stands as one of the pillars that binds everyone together.

Here is a list of Eid recipes that you can try at home. Each recipe is quick and easy to make, and is sure to bring the joy and happiness to your table.

Shahi Tukda Recipe
This Eid, Transform your humble bread into a royal affair with this dessert. The dish comes straight from the culinary city of Hyderabad. It is a combination of crunchy and silky textures.
Sheer Khurma Recipe
Celebrate Eid in a grand way with the royal Sheer Qorma! This aromatic silken pudding finds its origins with the Mughals. Re-create this simple and authentic recipe at home and celebrate good times with family and friends.
Malpua With Rabri Recipe
This is a sweet-lover’s delight and is an Eid favourite. Surprisingly easy to make, the golden Malpuas are served with a topping of creamy chilled rabri, coming together to create an absolutely indulgent creation that’s impossible to stop eating.
Seviyan Payasam Recipe
Vermicelli Kheer or Seviyan Kheer is the perfect dessert to serve at the end of an Eid meal. This recipe will teach you to prepare this perfect combination of vermicelli and milky goodness. Serve this to your guests at home and brace yourself for some positive comments and praises.
Mawa Kheer Recipe
For Eid, try this easy but regal recipe. Superbly creamy and adorned with raisins, almonds and cashewnuts and more, this dessert is surprisingly easy to make. Treat yourself to a royal feast with this delicacy.